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It's showtime!

Posted by Christine Barbour on

Been working on this website for days, it seems, but it's time to stop tweaking and put it to the test.  I have to admit to some nerves about launching this thing, but I figure that if I don't sell any jewelry, I get to keep it all and there are worse fates in this world.

Most of the collections are pretty self explanatory -- rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc, but two probably need a word of explanation. 

Lost and Found Rings are bands I have made from silver, copper and gold filled scrap.  I never start with a design, just an inspiration, and I start to solder and hammer and polish and solder a little more and I am as surprised as anyone to see how they come out.  They are totally fun to make and wear and I guarantee there are no two out there alike.

Misfit Toys harkens back to the Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer movie many of us watched as kids -- the island where all the imperfect toys that nobody wants go to stay.  But of course, they were really the perfect toys for the right boy and girl and Santa found them all homes.  Don't know if these guys will find homes or not but they are lovable, if flawed, and I am selling them at cost to the right boy or girl.

Here we go -- it's showtime!

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