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Why wear a ring on your index finger? Make a power point.

Posted by Christine Barbour on

When I was a little girl, everyone knew what finger a girl wore a ring on -- it was your ring finger, silly. And you saved it for Mr. Right. (Nobody dreamed then of a day when you could have a Ms. Right if your heart desired. In fact, I don't think we even had the choice of Ms over Miss then. As a contemporaneous cigarette commercial said, "we've come a loooong way, baby.")
If you wore a ring back then that wasn't the ring you were saving the left hand for (promise, engagement, wedding or anniversary, but definitely from a guy) then your other choice was the same finger on your right hand. You can still Google right hand ring and find options for that next-to-the-pinky finger on the other hand.  Cocktail rings, a little blingier than the love tokens on the left hand, that you can switch to  match outfits or mood.
Intrepid souls have always broken with tradition to wear a ring or two on an unorthodox finger, but the more conventional among us have though "Should I?  Will it look odd?  Crowded?  Unbalanced??  Cheap? Can you wear a ring on a different finger?  Can you wear too many rings?"
That too-many-rings thing is a whole other subject for a different day (short answer "no." You cannot wear too many rings. Wear as many as give you pleasure. Stack them, put them on each finger, make your hands living sparkling pieces of performance art. Who cares -- those hands belong to you!  Do what makes you smile.)
(Guess that wasn't such a short answer. But heartfelt.)
Anyway, here's the point of index finger rings (get it?)  Putting a ring on your index finger is empowering. I know, I know, we're not supposed to point, but we are not supposed to do a lot of things. Who among us has not lifted that finger to catch the attention of a chairperson or a moderator or a server in a restaurant? Who has not raised it in emphasis to make a point (see why they call it that?), to emphasize a good idea or a strong emotion (or, let's face it, an accusation, with passion.)
Help that finger do its work with a powerful breathtaking rock that says "call on me," "serve me,"  "look at me and do not look away until I am finished speaking." 
Not "can you hear me now?" but "hear me now!"
An index finger ring is empowering and eye catching and your own talisman of toughness that says you can wear a ring on any damn finger you please.
It can also be stunning and mesmerizing and mysterious. Sexy, edgy, or glam.  Even if you are in a quiet moment with nothing to say, the right index finger ring will say it for you.

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  • Beautifully and artfully stated, Christine! And how much do I love your poiny-finger ring in the photo? A LOT!

    Nancy on

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