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Set off your eyes and your smile with color and sparkle.  Everyone knows you can never have too many earrings.

Multicolor beaded earrings

Multicolor beaded earrings - $ 28.00

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Fun!  These earrings are just plain colorful fun.  Small circlets of amethyst, carnelian, peridot, citrine, and apatite on copper wire, with copper hooks (that can be switched for silver if you are allergic.)  They go with everything and will make you smile every time you catch a glimpse in the...

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Stunning deep green watermelon tourmaline and peridot earrings.

Stunning deep green watermelon tourmaline and peridot earrings. - $ 48.00

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With just a whisper of pink, these watermelon tourmaline earrings have the shadows of a hidden forest, the fresh green of peridot highlighted like the sun coming through the trees. Flattering, versatile, casual and dressy -- mostly mysterious. Long 14K gold filled wires.


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