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When I was little my mom told me whenever I felt lonesome or scared to hold on to the silver ring she had given me, because a ring is like love -- it goes round and round with no beginning and no end.  For years I thought she made that up and even when I found out she didn't, rings have held a special place in my heart.

My rings are crafted from earth-mined rocks -- rough, faceted, polished -- with all the drama of their creation in every sparkle, shadow and fissure.  And like all good rings, they are just like love.

Apatite, raw crystal, sterling silver ring

Apatite, raw crystal, sterling silver ring - $ 158.00

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I don't know about this one. Sometimes you just have to let a ring be what it wants to be. I cast this setting for a different stone all together but as sometimes happened, the ring and the stone refused the match. So I took a deep greeny blue apatite...

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Aquamarine, raw, sterling silver ring

Aquamarine, raw, sterling silver ring - $ 198.00

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This ring is a piece of work. Huge rocky blue aquamarine, raw and edgy, caught in a rustic hammered silver embrace. Organic, natural, glassy and eye catching. A little bit of art for your finger to make you smile every time you see it flash. Size 6 1/2. Rough gems,...

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