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Rough stones, raw stones, crystals ~~

Stones as the earth produced them are nature’s idea of beauty, untouched and “unimproved” by us.

Rough gems -- uncut, natural crystals -- are organic, edgy, sexy, and magnificent. Wearing natural crystals says that you see loveliness in unexpected places and want to reflect it in your individual style, that essential sparkle that is your own gorgeous self.

If you like polished, faceted pieces, you will find them here. They can be truly stunning.  There are crystal beads and shells and pearls as well.

But if you like the untraditional, the timeless, the distinctive and the splendidly quirky, then you'll be right at home. I love to design jewelry around uncut gems ~~ tourmalines, and amethysts, rubies and emeralds, diamonds and tanzanites and whatever other unexpected beauties I can find. It can be a challenge to work with these gems to be sure -- natural stones don't come in regular sizes and shapes -- and the end result may be unexpected, but the process hasn't let me down yet.

One-of-a-kind charm guaranteed. Make the power and beauty of nature your own.

Because rocks rock. And so do you.

DCB Rocks

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